We are committed to transparency

Visit our members’ websites and you will immediately see where we get the money from, how much we spend and whom we have supported. Our procedures ensure full transparency.

Tomasz Bruski
Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland

We are results-oriented

We regularly review our activities and evaluate our performance at the Forum. We have developed a Performance Evaluation Standards Manual for Non-profits.

Radek Jasiński
Polish American Freedom Foundation

We engage in legislative advocacy

Thanks to the Forum’s six-year advocacy effort we now have good public collections legislation in Poland. It is simple for non-profits and transparent for donors.

Justyna Duriasz-Bułhak
Rural Development Foundation

We learn from one another

I have found a great deal of inspiration here and it has helped my foundation do a better job of supporting children and their custodians.

Joanna Luberadzka-Gruca
Polish Women Can Foundation

Publications and tools

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